Warts – that little growth on your skin might be making you crazy by thinking when did you come in the contact with a wart giving todd?

But, despite the popular belief,  warts are not given to you by a toad.

In fact, they are caused by a virus named as Human Papilloma Virus.  It penetrates the uppermost layer of skin and causes warts.

More than 80 million Americans are infected by HPV. Surprisingly most of them are either in their early 20s or late teens. Warts being so common, it will not be a surprise if you get infected with the HPV once in a lifetime. The astonishing thing about warts is that it comes in various size, shape, locations and colours. This creates lots of confusion in the mind of the sufferer.

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Common Types of Warts

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Type Appearance Characteristics
Common Raised above the skin with a rough surface. Pinhead or pea shaped size. Often shows tiny black dots due to clotted blood vessels. light colored to gray-brown. Usually found on the fingers, the skin around nails, backs of hands and the feet. But can also appear on other parts of the body. If grow around under or around the nail, it becomes hard to treat.
Plantar Flat, thick & tough, often confused with calluses. Usually, have black dots on the surface; gray or brown with dark dots. Got their name because grows only on the soles of the feet. Present as a single wart or in a cluster. Clustered warts are called mosaic warts.
Flat As the name suggests, they are mostly flat in shape or slightly raised; smoother than other types of warts and looks pink. Smaller than other warts. Often grow of shins, face & hands. Occur in a large number of 20 to 100 at a time but are less common than other types of warts.